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  Next race is from Penrith approx 95 miles from the centre of Ayrshire.
Preparation for the next race is now well underway for our next race on 29th April from Penrith. Although its cold we are hopeful the weather will stay dry for the week to allow for more training.

WSCC Young Bird Sale - Thursday 27th April 17 in the Barr Castle Social Club - 7.00pm - Directions

The WSCC team will be actively promoting the interest of the club during the summer and winter months and will be holding social evenings, sponsored open racing competitions and pigeon sporting events to raise funds for the clubs future transportation and investment plans. Keep up to date with the events on our News Page

Sam & Gillian Graham with Grandkids Jimmy & Elise
A big thanks to the WSCC committee and race controller for a very well organised young bird race from Mullingar in Ireland last season. This was a new experience and challenging race for me and I was extremely delighted with the performance of my pigeons being 2nd & 3rd Open in the race. It was great finish to a good seasons racing and I am already looking forward to more challenging Irish racing with the West of Scotland Championship Club in 2017.
Also congratulations to John Hadfield a really dedicated pigeon man on what can only be described as an excellent performance on the day. A true champion.
Racing from Ireland, open to any fancier in Scotland.

Join the WSCC as a social member to compete in any of our Irish Open Races.
Membership to the WSCC is open for 2017 and all are welcome to apply. An Ordinary membership for 2017 is 120 per loft this includes training and weekend racing into and around Ayrshire. Social membership is 25 which allows the fancier to compete in any and all of the Irish open races. WSCC Frequently Asked Questions
SU16AV2378 Blue Hen bred and raced by John Hadfield

News and Information  -  WSCC Young Bird Sale is next Thursday

Thursday 27th April 17, viewing 6.30pm for 7.30pm start, we will be holding our young bird sale at the Barr Castle Social Club in Galston to raise funds for our new club premises. We have some top class racing pigeons for sale from some of the best racing lofts from around Scotland. We also have a 100 prize to the best performance pigeon during the season purchased at the sale.
The sale will place in the Social Club Galston, KA4 8HQ at 7pm.
Pigeons will be on view from 6.30pm. All are welcome to come along.
Sales List

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