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  Young Bird Training from Peebles - Tuesday 25th July
Young bird race programme will commence on the 29th July with our first race being from Annan. Midweek training from Pebbles and Hawick will commence Thursday 25th July.

West of Scotland Championship Club Young Bird Racing and Training  -  Young Bird Racing & Training

24 Geraldy Crate Trailer Project for 2017
As the club is growing in demand and expectations for convoying larger number of pigeons is likely in the near future, we are looking to build a custom trailer that can be hitched on to the back of our 30 crate geradly transporter.
We have purchased an ex army second hand clean but basic trailer which has a bed size of 10ft x 6.6ft and we are going to build racking to fit this which will accommodate 24 geraldy crates.
This will take our capacity to transport up to 1,500 pigeons if need be. As this is additional costs to the club we are looking at ways of raising funds to help support and fund this project.
Your support in anyway, is very much appreciated. In assisting with the project build, donations or supporting any of our fund raising activities all helps. Our intention at the close of this season is to organise a Latebred Sale of young birds on Sunday 3rd September. Donations of pigeons, sponsorship or just coming along to the event would help raise the much needed funds.

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Social membership to the club is 25 which allows the fancier to compete in any and all of the Irish open races. See our -  Frequently Asked Questions
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