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  The convoy of 192 Pigeons released at 6.15am into a South wind.
In the Lanarkshire Geraldy at Stafford our small convoy of 192 WSCC birds amongst the 3,600 birds from Lanarkshire were liberated into glorious sunshine this morning. Good luck to all.

10th June - Irish Roscrea Race 250 miles .  500 First PrizeJoin WSCC to take part, its open to ALL

The WSCC team will be actively promoting the interest of the club during the summer and winter months and will be holding social evenings, sponsored open racing competitions and pigeon sporting events to raise funds for the clubs future transportation and investment plans. Keep up to date with the events on our News Page

Donnachie & Spence - 1st Charnock Richards 2017
Our fourth race of the season was from Charnock Richards and this week we were in the company of the mighty Lanarkshire who had over 4,500 pigeons on board their impressive Geraldy transporters. Best the WSCC could muster up after the tough racing so far was 188 pigeons.
It was a spectacular event to witness when the convoy of pigeons were released at 9.00am into a light South West wind. They grouped well to start with but broke into 3 large batches eventually all clearing and heading North for home.
The outright winner on the day was none other than the partnership of Bernie Donnachie and Walter Spence of Dumbarton with a velocity of 1330 yards per minute, taking 3 hours and 52 minutes to cover the 176 miles to the loft. Great flying for this dedicated and hard working partnership. Watch out for these guys in the Irish and National races to come. :  WSCC Racing Results

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Membership to the WSCC is open for 2017 and all are welcome to apply. An Ordinary membership for 2017 is 120 per loft this includes training and weekend racing into and around Ayrshire. Social membership is 25 which allows the fancier to compete in any and all of the Irish open races. WSCC Frequently Asked Questions
Irish Open and Yearling Derby Pigeon Race

News and Information  -  WSCC Young Bird Sale

Sale of Young Birds, thanks to all the members and non members for their valued support at our young bird sale. The evening went extremely well and it was a very well organised and enjoyable evening with some great crack amongst the fellow fanciers. Thanks to all who had travelled a fair distance to be there with us and on the night, we raised 1,600 which will go towards putting a roof on our new club premises at Hurlford. If your going pass, don't hesitate to drop in and see the progress that is being made. New Club Hut is Situated in Milligans Yard in Hurlford
Thanks to all the fanciers for their donations of pigeons for our sale.

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