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Race Programme Old Birds 2017 Race Programme Young Birds 2017
 15th / 16th April  Johnstonebridge (Training)    50 miles  Sat 15th July  Thornhill (Training)    40 miles
 Sat 22nd April  Annan    65 miles  Sat 22nd July  Annan    65 miles
 Sat 29th April  Penrith    95 miles  Sat 29th July  Penrith    95 miles
 Sat 6th May  Lancaster  125 miles  Sat 5th Aug  Penrith    95 miles
 Sat 13th May  Warrington  170 miles  Sat 12th Aug  Lancaster  125 miles
 Sat 20th May  Stafford  220 miles  Sat 19th Aug  Leyland  150 miles
 Sat 27th May  Cheltenham  275 miles      
 Open Races from Ireland
 Sat 10th June  Roscrea Irish Open Yearling Derby  230 miles  Sat 26th Aug  Mullingar Irish Open Young Bird Derby  180 miles
 Sat 24th June  Castletown Irish Open Race  325 miles      
Midweek Training / Racing
On a Wednesday during the old bird and young bird season and providing weather is permitting we will be organsing training for our members. The pigeons will be picked up at various locations and liberated on the same day in the afternoons. Training will be 40 mile to 50 mile flights. If there is enough interest amongst the members we will consider some midweek racing events and perhaps include some short weekend races in June / July for those not interested in the longer races in the programme.

Closing date for joining the WSCC as an ordinary member is 31st March 2017 and as a social member 31st May 2017
Fanciers can enter pigeons in any of the organised open races by applying for a social membership of the WSCC. The cost to join as a social member of the club is 25.00 and if you are not already a paid up RPRA union member then there will be an additional cost of 8 per individual / partner member. Fanciers however, who do not wish to join the WSCC and who are members of any recognised UK pigeon union can also enter pigeons in any of the open races. Providing space is available on the transporter and on the day of basketing a non WSCC member can become an affiliated member and pay a race fee of 65 for each race they wish to enter.
Pools & Race Entry Form
There are no limits to the number of pigeons you can enter into any of the OB or YB open races.
WSCC Joining Application Form 2017
Before you can enter pigeons into any of the open races you must be a member of the WSCC. You can join the club as a social member to enter in open races.
  Map to Marking Station at Newmains ML2 9BD
  Map to Marking Station at Kilmarnock KA1 2LT

Complete and submit this form to book and guarantee your pigeon entries into any of the WSCC races  -  5.00 per entry per race.

Loft / Flying Name WSCC Membership No. Number of Birds Entering Payment method

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