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WSCC Online Auction Registration Form
Before you can bid on any of the pigeons in our auctions you must first register with us. All the fields in this form must be completed. Should you not have a loft registration number then type in the box "None".  Once the form has been completed, press the "Submit Registration" button to send it to us.
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Auctions & Pigeon Sales
Latebred Auction Sale : Online and on Sunday 11th September 16 at 1.00pm in the Barr Castle Social Club, 14 Henrietta Street, Galston, KA4 8HQ
Auction of Pigeons from the Panel / Guests : Friday 28th October 16 at 7.00pm at the WSCC Pigeon Moot / Panel Night in the No.0 Social Club, KA13 6AG


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